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The mission of The Garden Brotherhood is to first and foremost be a faithful servant of God, a help to the Pastor and an example to every individual who would allow us the privilege and honor of leading them to Christ. 

Men of Distinction

Men of Distinction Ministry
Ladies First Ministry

The Women of The Garden being inspired and lead by First Lady Rachel Harris aspire to the high calling of a virtuous woman as defined in scripture Proverbs 31:10-31. The Women’s Department endeavors to teach the young women how to be the woman God has called them to be, to reach their full potential in Christ.​

Ladies First

It is The Garden’s sincere desire for the young people to have a spiritual outlet that addresses all the needs of our youth today; to provide a place of refuge, fellowship and a since of belonging.  Where our youth can come and find peace in a chaotic world through Jesus Christ. 


Youth & Young Adult

L.I.F.T. Youth & Young Adult Ministry
The Garden Children's Ministry

Christian Education is where The Garden puts all its heart and effort into insuring that all God’s people receive the best and most informative teaching possible so that the saints of God will be fully equipped and prepared to do battle with the enemy on behalf of those who are not yet able to fight for themselves. 



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